Court Management

Caselle Court Management is the solution every city needs to keep track of information associated with violations and court proceedings, from bail, to speeding tickets, to fishing and game licenses.


Streamline your unique court needs with the software’s flexible options. Track individual fees for all offenses so you can see where the total balance was derived from. Set up individual pay schedules and adjust for community service instead of monetary payment. Choose how to handle bail money, which can be refunded, applied towards violation fees, or taken as forfeiture. Experience the power of this software in managing all your complex court needs.


Features and Benefits


  • Quick tracking for all your court follow-up needs (warrants, trusts, alternate orders, etc.)
  • Easy contract payment setup – even across multiple cases – to assist you in tracking delinquent payments
  • Comprehensive court calendar entry and reporting features


  • Easily track your repeat offenders with the master defendant record
  • Save time with single-screen disposition entry and batch entry
  • Quickly look up court information
  • Generate individual letters or batches of letters and forms in one easy step


  • Customizable letters and forms
  • Complete defendant history reporting
  • User-defined fields
  • Easily merge duplicate defendants
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