North Bend Improves Accounting Processes With Caselle, While Keeping Auditors Happy

In 2012, the city of North Bend, Oregon was using software that was no longer meeting their accounting needs. Employees found themselves consumed in non-integrated and duplicative processes that were time consuming and inefficient. One such example was the city’s inability to produce the required auditor reports directly from their system. Instead, they combined numerous reports. As the city decided how to best prepare for the future, they determined they needed to streamline their processes while remaining in compliance with auditors.

The Problem

As a result of their existing government accounting software, the city of North Bend, Oregon struggled to make their accounting processes efficient and less time consuming.

The Solution

After migrating over to Caselle software, the city streamlined their processes and saved more than 256 hours.

The Client Experience

“Caselle is supportive and forward thinking. They get to know the people they work with and make suggestions based on what works for our community. We have such high praise for Caselle. They genuinely care about their customers.” Finance Director, Laurie Brookes

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