Connect Online Accounts Payable 

Connect Online is an internet friendly app for computers, tablets, and smart phones that users from your organization can use to view information from a Connect application. This webinar will show you who can use Connect Online, how to set up user access to Connect Online, and how to set up My Dashboard to view financial information. [MP4]

My Dashboard

How do I add the Accounts Payable Lookup widget to My Dashboard?

How do I view transaction details?

What does "see details" mean?

Why isn't a request showing up in the Notifications list?

How do I exclude terminated vendors from my search results?


How do I submit requisitions?

How do I view requisition details?

When will I receive notifications for requisition approval?

How do I approve requisitions?

How do I set up Accounts Payable to submit requisitions?

Purchase orders

How do I view PO details?

How do I approve purchase orders? 

How do I edit a purchase order using Connect Online?

How do I enter purchase orders? 

How do I view budget information? 


How do I approve invoices? 

How do I enter invoices? 

How do I find invoices for terminated vendors? 

How do I look up invoices by vendor? 

How do I look up invoices? 

How do I view paid invoices? 

How do I add an attachment during the approval process?

How do I add/remove attachments?

How do I edit an invoice using Connect Online?


How do I add fields to the Additional Information section? 

How do I print check detail, vendor, and additional information? 

How do I view check detail? 

What does "multiple" mean as an invoice number? 

Which checks have been cashed? 

Why can't I view my Checks page? 


How do I add or remove columns? 

How do I expand or collapse detail? 

How do I export vendor detail to Excel? 

How do I filter columns? 

How do I print transactions? 

How do I view transaction details tied to a vendor? 

How do I set up approval notifications to include a link to review an approval item in Connect Online?





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