The City of Livingston Partners with Caselle to Implement New Software

The City of Livingston, Texas required a new government accounting software to support their growing needs and to reduce manual processes. As they considered which platform was best suited for their city, they also evaluated each provider’s implementation process. Livingston staff not only needed guidance during implementation but wanted to run both systems in parallel as part of their implementation strategy.

The Problem

The City of Livingston needed new software that would allow them to grow and improve their processes. With a firm deadline the implementation process was a big determining factor.

The Solution

To ensure an efficient and smooth implementation process, Caselle and Livingston engaged in regular and ongoing communications early on. Caselle encouraged the City to ask a variety of questions during the software demo and at every stage of the project. This open and ongoing communication proved to be invaluable to the project’s success and allowed Caselle and the City to work together as a unified team.

The Client Experience

“From day one, Caselle approached this as a partnership, and they were incredibly supportive. We felt like we were all on one team that was working towards the same goal. Our implementation process with Caselle was very smooth. They approached this as a partnership and were very supportive.” Finance Manager, Patricia Crawford.

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