“We have been with Caselle for many years and are very satisfied.  We have the main modules; General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Utility Management, Asset Management, and Accounts Receivable. We find that it’s easy to cross train on the Caselle programs. They are all similar and easily taught.  I work with the General Ledger a lot and like that my Excel worksheets can be uploaded into Caselle, saving a lot of time.  Another reason that I’m happy with Caselle is the fast, friendly service we receive.  Their support team is always willing to assist in solving any problems, or answer any question we may have."


Wendy Bonzo, CPFIM/CPFA
Cedar City, UT

Email Us: sales@caselle.com

Call Us: 800.228.9851


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11. Automate your requisition approval processes

12. Reduce or eliminate vendor checks with vendor direct pay 

13. Import a list of cleared checks from your bank when reconciling your cash account

14. Integrate with Microsoft Excel to view real-time financial data in your worksheets

15. Store and retrieve related documents and images from within your Financial, Payroll, and Utility Billing software

16. Capture asset information when the invoice is entered to help create new asset records

17. Create position based budgets using information from the Payroll application

18. Create reports to easily track total grant income and expenditures for the life of the grant when they extend multiple years

19. The interactive checklist allows you to identify and track routine tasks

Our easy to use interface helps you to streamline your workflow and save time. Follow our quick tip guide and simplify your work day.

Caselle’s 20 Time Saving Tips

1. Quickly and easily import meter readings electronically

2. Accept credit card and bank draft payments online

3. Easily accept and reconcile daily cash receipts

4. Integrate your Court Management and Financial software needs in one easy-to-use solution

5. Enter and track work orders electronically

6. Add a Community Development application that incorporates building permits, planning and zoning, and code enforcement - all in one easy-to-use solution

7. Automate and simplify your utility billing, shutoff, and meter reading processes

8. Easily reconcile employer paid benefit plans with payroll reporting

9. Go paperless with employee pay statements

10. Integrate Human Resources and Payroll to streamline employee information

20. Create master accounts/contacts to quickly view balances for multiple accounts belonging to the same person or organization

Bonus Tip: Reduce the need for manual entries by creating allocation routines to distribute interest income, indirect costs, etc. to multiple funds using fund balance ratios, fixed percentages, or other allocation methods

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