The Town of Walden, Colorado Implements Caselle Software with Ease

After 15 years of using the same accounting software, the Town of Walden needed a more robust platform that would support their accounting activities and streamline their workflows. When Walden staff contacted their provider’s help desk, they often waited several days before their request was responded to, or they received no response at all. As a result, the Town sought a new software company that not only provided a cost effective solution and improved efficiencies, but that would approach the relationship as a supportive and responsive partner.

The Problem

The Town of Walden needed a more robust software to fit their accounting needs, streamline processes and receive better support. Nervous about implementation and transitioning, Walden spoke to many other communities to review software.

The Solution

Walden conducted business as usual throughout the implementation process. The Caselle project plan and ongoing communication made implementation much simpler than imagined.

The Client Experience

“Caselle has been refreshing. When I have a question, I always get a timely response. Everyone worked together really well to support our conversion. Our trainers were fantastic. The team spent a lot of time with me to make sure it was efficient and smooth.” Town Clerk, Sherry Cure

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