Software Solutions

Caselle Software Assurance

We’re committed to your solutions. And that means consistent enhancements, updates, upgrades and new features in Caselle software. It’s a technology community that’s always progressing, and we want you to get the most out of it. To do this, we’ve ushered in an exciting new program called Caselle Software Assurance. It’s a budget-sensible way to ensure your Caselle modules are up to date, rich with current features and backed with flexible support.

Each time a new version of your licensed Caselle module is released, you get the update or upgrade immediately, without paying for full-price versions. In fact, you get unlimited updates and upgrades for the life of your support agreement…guaranteed! As a Software Assurance client, you’ll have unlimited access to telephone and email support. The program even comes with exclusive discounts on training and new module purchases.

Enjoy the cost savings, support and effortless upgrades that make Caselle Software Assurance a great way to experience Caselle software.