Utility Direct Pay

Receive your payments quicker and easier using Caselle Utility Direct Pay. This application is designed for the billing clerk who needs an easy and efficient way to process customer payments.


The application’s setup options allow you to withdraw either a specified dollar amount or a percentage of their balance due using one or multiple bank accounts. You can then create the ACH file for your bank and process the payments directly in Utility Management or through Cash Receipting. Eliminate the hassle of manual payments and streamline your cash flow using Utility Direct Pay.


Features and Benefits


  • Create automatic ACH payments directly from a customer’s bank account
  • Use pre-notification processing for bank testing
  • Customize a direct pay message to print on utility bills


  • Manage and interface bank routing information through System Management
  • Easily update all pre-notification accounts to an active status
  • Update payments to Cash Receipting for processing or directly to Utility Management and General Ledger



  • Withdraw amounts from customer accounts in fixed amounts, percentage, or a combination of deduction methods
  • Set up multiple bank accounts for withdrawals on the same customer
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