Utility Backflow Management

Caselle Backflow Management is designed for the backflow technician or administrative assistant in your organization’s public works department who needs to track assemblies and testing results in addition to sending reminder notices.


Backflow Management allows you to keep track of all assemblies by type according to your personalized settings. You can easily create and print multiple testing notices to request current tests and even shut off services for failure to comply. The application also interfaces with Utility Management, meaning that you can use all the service addresses already stored in the Utility Management application – no need to search for and enter them again.


Features and Benefits


  • Send and track customized notices requesting assembly testing
  • Record and organize assembly information, including testing results
  • Track tester certifications and send notices to testers as needed


  • Access assembly information in Customer Inquiry and Assembly Inquiry
  • Be aware of pending notifications due while viewing assembly information
  • Keep desired amount of history for testing results received and notifications sent


  • Create testing entry screens customized by assembly type
  • Set up multiple notification cycles that control when notices are sent
  • Record and easily access information about multiple assemblies at the same location
  • Create user-defined fields
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