Citation Import

When using a third-party application to create citations, you can use Import Citations to add the citation details to the Court Management software. If the defendant already exists in the database, the routine will add the citation to the defendant’s record. If there is more than one defendant on record, the citation will print on a report, allowing you to assign the citation to the correct defendant the first time. If the citation belongs to a defendant who is not part of the database, the routine will create a new defendant record, case and charges. Additionally, you can import delimited and fixed-length files. Once imported, you can use the tracking and inquiry tools in our Court Management module to manage the citation life cycle.

Features and Benefits


  • Match imported defendants with those already in the system
  • Digitally import citations from police software


  • Imports delimited or fixed-length file types
  • Allows you to match fields in the import file with fields in the database


  • Prevents duplication
  • Saves time by digitally importing
  • Reduces data entry errors
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