Timekeeping combines the ability to have detail tracking of employee time in a simple easy to use format. It is perfect for any organization that needs to track employee time including hours for special projects including ACA Compliance. In addition it has useful tools to stay in compliance with Fair Labor Standards Act Regulations for Firefighters and Police Officers.


With online Timekeeping functionality your employees can clock in/out, and complete their timesheets easily in an online environment. Coupled with a user definable approval process employee time entry can be reduced by hours. Time keeping also has import functionality if you are using a third party time punch system. Both methods of entry allow you to setup overtime rules to manage regular schedules or other shift schedules that may cross over the pay period.


Features and Benefits


  • Track employee time
  • Track equipment time
  • Report time recorded for special projects or natural disasters
  • Automatic overtime calculations
  • Supports FLSA overtime calculations
  • Calculate Overhead to special projects
  • Year-end costing accruals


  • Employee clock in/out
  • Online timesheets
  • Timesheet submittal and approval process
  • Manager approvals and notifications
  • Leave requests


  • Multiple pay rates based on specific activities
  • Differential employee time entry
  • Shifts set up for police officers and firefighters
  • Custom employee templates
  • Customizable settings for salary and hourly employees
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