Human Resources

Caselle Human Resources helps you keep vital information on your most valuable assets – your employees. From recruitment to retirement this application is designed to keep track of sensitive information and keep you in compliance with federal information reporting.


Regardless of the size of your organization take the Human Resource function to the next level. Reduce the cost of your hiring, generate on-demand reports. Increase your organizations level of productivity as you track benefits, disciplinary action, grievance, endorsements, incidents, pay and position history. Stay in compliance with necessary federal requirement Including EEO and ACA reporting.

Features and Benefits


  • Employer benefits management
  • Easy position control
  • Fair Labor Standards Act (FMLA) tracking
  • Action Control (Grievance, Disciplinary, Incidents, Endorsements)
  • Applicant tracking
  • Job postings
  • Performance evaluation tracking


  • Easily manage open positions
  • Track applicants through the recruitment process
  • Consistently manage employee grievance, incident, and performance evaluation


  • Information flows through each stage of the employment process
  • Special tests and deadline tracking
  • Add user-defined fields as needed
  • Easily create custom reports and forms
  • Customizable tracking checklists
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