Community Development

Community Development is a robust addition to your software ecosystem with a dynamic workflow view that guides you through each step of permitting, planning, zoning, inspections, code violations and approvals. The application empowers your organization to record and track every detail and transaction for building permits and all projects. For a cohesive experience, Community Development interfaces with General Ledger, Business License, Cash Receipting and Master Contacts.


For each permit and project type you create, easily designate permit and project details and processes, such as fees, inspection times, forms, and approval requirements. With its built-in notification system, this powerful application caters to your needs for focused work flow management – automating more of what you do, like scheduling, creating inspection lists and notifying applicants, contractors and administrators of Status updates.

Features and Benefits

Permitting & Planning & Zoning

  • Easily record permit estimates, using them to begin permit requests
  • Import and update proper information from electronic files
  • Record and track information based on each permit or project type
  • Be guided through each step of the permitting process
  • Customize data-entry routines for each stage of a project

Inspections & Code Violations

  • Create inspection schedules and checklists
  • Easily escalate tracked complaints to violations
  • Charge fees, issue notices and schedule inspections for violations

Approvals & Workflow

  • Set up e-mail notifications for user-defined project milestones
  • Customize approvals, completion steps, forms and due dates
  • See all project information at a glance from the Project Inquiry view
  • Assign approvals to an individual group
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