Asset Management

The Caselle Asset Management application is designed for the finance officers of an organization that need to track the progress of its assets.


With this software, you can track the capitalization or depreciation of the assets owned by your organization in an effective way that makes the year end financial report simple and stress-free. Track assets by department and classification, and easily update information to General Ledger for seamless reporting. The Asset Management application also supports multiple depreciation methods, allowing you to tailor the software to your organization’s unique needs. Help give your company the power to grow through an increased ability to monitor the strength of your assets. .

Features and Benefits


  • Creates capitalized and non-capitalized fixed assets
  • Creates and maintains proper accounting values associated with assets
  • Produces end-of-year reports and reports for the reconciliation of assets
  • Permits tracking of non-depreciable assets


  • Allocate assets to multiple departments
  • Distributes capitalization and depreciation to the appropriate accounts in General Ledger
  • Quickly identify related assets


  • Customizable depreciation methods and schedules
  • Easy entry of transactions to update work-in-progress assets
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