How do I copy assembly information to a new assembly?


Copy the assembly information from a saved assembly to a new assembly. 

If you need to set up a new assembly, you can create a new assembly or you can copy the information from a saved assembly to the new assembly. The new assembly record will copy everything except for the assembly ID so can update the information that needs to be updated, like the service address, and leave the rest alone.  Copying an existing assembly record may save you time if you have already set up the same assembly at a different address.  

Modify Existing Assemblies, Saved and copied records



What's new?

  • 2022.08. Using the Copy option will copy the location information (service address, location number, customer number, and name) and increment the assembly sequence number. 

Modify Existing Assemblies, Copies location and assembly sequence number to new assembly record

Copying assembly information to a new assembly 

1. Open Connect Backflow Management > Assemblies > Modify Existing Assemblies. 

2. Click Copy (SHIFT+F7).

3. Use the Copy To Assembly ID box to enter the new assembly ID.

Copy Record

4. Click OK.   

5. Review and update the copied record. 


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