How long can I keep Timekeeping history?


The history refers to the transactions that are created when the system saves entries to an employee's timesheet. Use Keep History [ _ ] Years to determine how long the employee's transactions will be saved in the system.

This setting means no one can delete timekeeping transactions that were created  before the number of years of history has elapsed. For example, if Jane wants to save transactions for a year, Jane would enter 1 in the Keep History [ _ ] Years field. At the appropriate time, Jane runs Organization > Delete History to remove transactions with transaction dates that are older than one year from the database.

Note: Deleting history is part of regular upkeep and maintenance of the database. Choosing to keep for an excessive period, or forever, may affect system performance.

Setting the period to save history

1. Open Connect Timekeeping > Organization > Organization.

2. Click to select the Organization tab.

3. Find the field titled Keep Years [ _ ] History.

4. Enter the number of years to keep the timekeeping records and related transactions.

5. Click Save (CTRL+S).

The changes to the Timekeeping history are saved.  



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