Connect Online Timekeeping

I'm an employee

Submitting my timesheet (Employees)

Setting up My Dashboard (Employees)

Clocking in and out (Employees)

Checking my leave time (Employees)

Changing my time entries (Employees)


I'm a manager

Approving timesheets (Managers)

Checking employee status (Managers)

Printing manager reports (Managers)

Setting up My Dashboard (Managers)

Setting up employee timesheets (Managers)

Submitting employee timesheets (Managers)

Using timesheet notifications (Managers)


I'm an administrator

How do I approve timesheets for another manager? (Admin)

How do I set the default admin setting for submitting timesheets? (Admin)

How do I turn on the time clock? (Admin)

How long can I keep timekeeping transactions? (Admin)

What if a user can't clock in? (Admin)

Where is the Timekeeping tab in Connect Payroll? (Admin)







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