How do I approve timesheets for another manager? (Connect Online) (Admin)

Administrative tasks

When a manager is not available to approve their employee timesheets, you can approve the employee timesheets for the absent manager.

As the application administrator, you can:

  • Modify employee timesheets for employees

  • Submit employee timesheets for employees

  • Submit employee timesheets to payroll for a manager

  • Approve or decline a timesheet for employees


Approving timesheets for an absent manager

1. Open My Dashboard.

2. Click the link titled View Timesheet Status.

View Timesheet Status link on the Timesheet Statuses Widget

To add the Timesheet Statuses widget to My Dashboard, see the help topic titled How do I add the Timesheet Statuses widget?

The Timesheet Status page displays.

Timesheet Status page


3. Click the link labeled with the employee's name.

Employee name link

The Employee Timesheet page displays the timesheet for the selected employee.

Employee timesheet

4. Review the employee timesheet, hours, and detail.

You can use the employee timesheet to make sure the employee's timesheet totals match the hours totals. The Hours view will show you how the employee allocated the time worked. And the Details view breaks down the employee's time entries by task and activity.

5. To approve the employee's timesheet, click Approve.

Where's the Approve button? The Approve button will be displayed in the header (at the top of the page). It will only show up when the employee's timesheet has been submitted.

Approving a timesheet means the timesheet is submitted to Payroll. Declining a timesheet will send a notification back to the employee to let the employee know their timesheet needs a little attention. When the employee re-submits their timesheet, Connect Online will route the timesheet to you, the application administrator, who declined the timesheet.  

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