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When you receive a notification to submit your YYYY budget requests, you can set up a new budget for a department. You can enter the budget or start working on it and then finish it later. When it's finished, submit the budget for approval. As the budget moves through the approval process, you will receive a notification if changes are needed and when the budget is approved.

Online Budget Workflow for Submitters


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Receiving a notification to enter a new budget

When a budget is requested, you'll receive a notification tov "Please submit your YYYY budget requests for the x department." Clicking on the notification will open the Budget Submission page.  

My Dashboard - Notifications widget 

The Budget Submission page shows the columns for displaying the account number, account name, current budget amount, and a box for entering the new budget amount. It may also show additional information based on the way the online budget administrator has set up the budget. 

Budget Submission page

Entering a new budget amount

When you're ready to enter new budget amounts, you have a few tools at your disposal. You can add, edit, or delete a budget amount; view additional account details; and add budget notes. 

To enter a new budget amount

Click on the amount box and type in a new amount. When you click on the next amount box the progress bar is updated. Amounts that are waiting for you to update it will show Enter a New Budget

Budget Submission page - Enter a new budget box

Shortcuts for moving to the next budget amount entry box:

  • Click on a field to enter a budget amount, or

  • Press the TAB button on the keyboard.

To save my budget amounts

Budget amounts are saved as soon as you enter them. If you like, you can click the  button at the bottom of the Budget Submission page. 

To delete a budget amount

Click on the budget amount and then press the DEL key on the keyboard. 

To review more information about the budget amount

The current budget displays in the highlighted column. It's a hyperlink.

Budget Submission page - Current budget link

Clicking on the amount will open the transactions for the account.  

Budget Submission page - Amount Details window


Entering a budget note

You can add a budget note to a budget amount to explain why the requested amount is more or less than the expected amount. When you submit the budget to the online budget approval process, the reviewer can see when you've added a budget note because the notes icon changes from black to yellow. 

Budget Submiision page - Yellow notes icon

What's the difference between an account note and a budget note?

The difference between an account note and a budget note is where the note is saved. If you save it as an account note, the note will print on reports when you select the option to print account notes.

On the other hand, if you save it as a budget note, the note is saved to a specific budget year. Selecting the option to print budget notes will print it on reports for budget amounts from the selected budget year. 

When you submit a budget for review, the reviewer will be able to see the account notes and budget notes for the budget year. 

To add a note

Click and then type in a comment in the New Note box. 

Notes window - New Note box

Save to

  • Select Account to add notes for planning and projecting revenue, expenses, and capital expenditures for the current fiscal period. 

  • Select YYYY Budget to add a note for budgeting that is linked to a specific year and then use the menu to select the budget year to tie it to.  


Submitting a budget for approval

When you're done entering new budget amounts, click the Propose Budget button in the upper-right hand corner. Clicking the Propose Budget button will submit your budget to the budget approval process.

Propose Budget button on Budget Submission page

Submitting a budget for approval will lock the budget to prevent you from making changes to the proposed budget while it is being reviewed. 

Proposed Budget dialog 

The user who is assigned to review your budget will receive a notification to let them know the budget you are proposing is ready for review.

Revising a denied proposed budget

During the online budget approval process, the reviewer may return the budget or a few accounts to you for revisions. In this situation, you'll receive a notification that The budget you proposed for x department has been denied.

My Dashboard - YYYY budget denied notification

Clicking on the notification will open the proposed budget on the Budget Submission page. You can also navigate directly to the Budget Submission page.Now, you can work on the proposed budget, review changes to budget amounts, and read comments from the reviewer.

Budget Submission page - Denied Budget Request

When you're done entering revisions, click to submit your changes to the online budget approval process. 

Receiving notification for approved budget

When a proposed budget receives final approval, which means the budget has finished the online budget approval process, you will receive a notification that The budget you proposed for the x department has been approved.

My Dashboard - Notifications

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