Where are my active budget requests? (Connect Online)

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In some situations, you may have more than one active budget assigned to you.

  • Example 1: An organization uses more than one active budget may include organizations that have a budget that is set up for periods that follow the next period budget.

  • Example 2: An organization uses active budgets for multiple budget levels.

Watch a video

  • Watch an overview that shows you how to set up General Ledger to submit budgets online (users, departments, approval steps, approval process, budget, and budget notifications) and what an active budget request looks like in Connect Online. Watch a video (13m01s)

If one of these situations applies to you, clicking the notification in the Notifications widget will...

Notifications widget


...open the Active Budget Requests page. This page will show all of the active budgets that have been assigned to you.

Active Budget Requests

Now, you can click the link titled Ready to Start to select the active budget that you want to work on.

Updated 25May2018

Using the Applications icon to view my active budget requests

To launch the Active Budget Requests page, click the Applications icon (on the sidebar menu on the left) and then select Budget Summary.

Updated 17Jul2018

Filtering my search results

From the Active Budget Requests page, click Settings to sort active budget requests by budget period, budget level, journal code, department, and status.

Settings button

Use the fly-out menu to filter the active budget requests.

settings fly-out menu

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