Why is the category code appended to the category description?


Some organizations use the same category description to set up different categories. This caused some problems in the application. To fix the problem, Connect will validate the category description field to make sure the category description isn't being used on another category. 

For organizations who have used the same category description on more than one category, Connect will append the category code to the end of the category description. For example, City ABC has two category codes for utility payments. 


Original category code and description

After installing the 2022.08 release

1, Utilities

1, Utilities 

2, Utilities

2, Utilities 1


After the 2022.08 release is installed, you can continue using the category codes exactly the way you used them before the 2022.08 release was installed. Or you can change the category description to use a new category description. 


202208, 2022Jun23



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