How do I add notes to a master contact?


Add a note to a master contact. The master contact notes will be available for viewing when you look up a master contact in the Master Contacts table in System Management. 

You can view the business notes in the following places: 

  • Setup New Businesses (Notes tab > Master Contact tab)

  • Modify Existing Businesses (Notes tab > Master Contact tab)

  • Setup/Modify Contacts (System Management)


Adding a note to a master contact

1. Open Connect Business License > Businesses > Modify Existing Businesses. 

2. Click to select the Notes tab. 

3. Click to select the Master Contact tab. 

This tab is available when a master contact is linked to a business. The master contact is saved on the Business tab. If the Master Contact box is blank, the Master Contact tab will not be available.  

4. To add a note, click in the Master Contact Notes box and start typing. 

Modify Existing Businesses, Master contact tab

5. Click Save (CTRL+S). 


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