How do I add a website to a business?


Save a business's website, also known as as a url, in the business record. You can add the website using Setup New Business or Modify Existing Business. Saving the website will help you navigate to the business's website quickly so you won't have to spend time searching for the website when you need to use it. 

The Website field is included in the 2022.08 release. To use this feature, download and install the 2022.08 release. 


Modify Existing Businesses, Website box


Adding a website url

1. Open Connect Business License > Business > Modify Existing Business. 

You can also use Setup New Business.  

2. Click to select the Business tab. 

3. Click on the Website box and enter a url. 

Connect will validate the url. If the url is not valid, a warning icon will display next to the Website box. If the warning icon displays, check if the website url was entered correctly. 

4. Click Save (CTRL+S). 


Launching a business website

Click the Website button at the end of the Website box to open the business website. Business License will use the default internet application. 


Copying a user-defined field to the Website box

Some organization's have been using a user-defined field to save the business website. You can use Modify Data in System Management to copy the contents fo the user-defined field to the Website box in Modify Existing Business. For help completing this task, contact customer support at (801) 228-9851. 

Important! Make sure you back up the Business License database before you begin. Using Modify Data will change records in the Business License application. 




2022.08, 2022Apr07



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