How do I add columns to or remove columns from the transaction grid on the Invoice tab?

Enter Invoices

Customize the information that displays in the transaction grid at the bottom of the Invoice tab. You can add or remove columns from the transaction grid so you can see the information that you need to see. To learn how to add or remove columns, see the help topic titled How do I use the Column Chooser? The instructions show you how to add columns to a Search form but you can use them to add columns to any form or grid that supports a custom column layout.

Transaction grid on the Enter Invoices view

Watch a video

  • See how to add the vendor name column to the transaction grid on the Invoice tab. Watch a video (0m37s).

Adding a column

1. Right-click on the header row.

Header row

The menu displays.


2. Click Column Chooser.


The Drag and Drop Columns window displays on the screen.

Drag and Drop Columns

3. Drag and drop the column name to the header row. You may need to use the scroll bar to view all of the columns.

Adding a column to the header row

The column is added to the header row.

Showing the new column in the header row

2019.11, 2019Aug12

Removing a column

1. Click to select a column from the header row.

Selecting a column from the header row

2. Click and drag it away from the header row.

3. When an X displays on the column, release the mouse.

The column is removed from the header row.

2019.11, 2019Aug12

Supported Columns

This is a list of columns that you can add to the transaction grid on the Invoices tab in Enter Invoices.

1099 Type


Budget Approved

Control Number


Discount Allowed

Extended Price

Federal Withholding Amount


GL Activity Number

GL Period

GL Period Date

GL Period Number

GL Updated

Input Date

Inventory Number

Job Number

Merchant Vendor


Part Number

PM Updated

PO Number


Received Date


Remittance Address

Remittance Description

Separate Check



Tax Amount


Unit Price

Vendor Name


2019.11, 2019Aug12



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