How do I add a user to Connect Online? (Connect Online)

Connect Online User Rights

Every person who will log into Connect Online will need a user record. That includes the employees who will use Connect Online to clock in and out, managers who are responsible for employee oversight, approvers who can approve or reject financial requests, and non-employees who can look at transactions but cannot make any changes.

Who will need a Connect Online user record?

  • Employees

  • Managers

  • Approvers

  • Non-employees (council members, oversight committees, etc.)

Adding a user to Connect Online

1. Open Connect System Management > Security > Setup/Modify User Rights.

2. Use the Look Up bar to enter the User ID.  

Setup/Modify User Rights: Looking up a user

3. Click to select the Connect Online tab.

Setup/Modify User Rights: Connect Online tab

4. Click to select the checkbox next to the applications the user can access in Connect Online.

User Rights: Changing to explicitly allow user access

What if the user is already assigned to a group? If the user is assigned to a group, selecting Explicitly Allow will grant the user access even when Group Access is denied. On the other hand, selecting Explicitly Deny will remove user access even when Group Access is allowed.


5. Click Save (CTRL+S).

The user can use Connect Online to log in to the selected applications.

Updated 01Mar2018




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