How do I work on a work order?

Grab a work order to work on it.

Use Connect Online to update a work order with important dates, notes, and so on.


Working on a work order from the Work Order page

1. Open My Dashboard.

2. Use the Applications menu to select Work Orders List.

Work Order List link on the Applications menu


The Work Orders page displays.

Work Orders page

3.  Click to select the checkbox next to the work order.

Selecting a work order to work on it

4. Click Work On It.

Work On It button

The work order form shows the work order.

Note: The work order form that you see may be a little different from this form. The form that displays will depend on the form type assigned to the action and the preferences that are set up in the Maintenance Orders or Service Orders app.

Work Order detail

Now, you can work on it. Use the form to update the work order information. To save your changes, click the button titled Complete, Update, or Submit. To exit without saving, click Cancel.


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