How do I cancel all actions on a work order?

Cancel all actions on a work order to cancel a work order.

If there is more than one action linked to a work order, you will need to cancel all of the actions to cancel the work order.


Canceling all actions

1.  Go to the work order detail.

See the help topic titled How do I view the work order detail?

2. Click the Modify button.

Modify menu

3. Select Cancel All the Actions.

Note: This menu option is available only when there's more than one action linked to a work order.

Selecting Cancel All the Actions

The Canceled Comments form displays.

Adding a comment to a canceled work order

4. Enter a comment to explain why the actions were canceled (optional).

5. Click Save.

All actions on the work order are canceled. The work order detail shows the canceled orders for the service address.

Viewing canceled work order history on Work Order page




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