How do I add an action to a work order?

Adding an action.

You can add an action to an existing work order. When there is more than one action linked to a work order, the work order number is followed by a hyphen and a number. This option is available for work orders created in Utility Management.


Adding an action

1.  Go to the work order detail.

See the help topic titled How do I view the work order detail?

2. Click the Modify button.

Modify button

What if the Modify button is missing? The Modify button is available on the screen if the work order was created in Utility Management Service Orders. If the Modify button is missing, it means the work order was created in Maintenance Orders.

3. Select Add an Action.

Modify menu on Work Orders page


The Add Action form displays.

Add an Action

4. Select an Action.

Selecting an action

5. Enter a comment to explain why the action was added (optional).

Adding a  Created Comment to an action

6. Click Save.

The new action is added. The work order number is followed by a hyphen and the sequence number assigned to the action. For example, 600-1, 600-2. 600-3...

Updated 06Mar2018



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