How do I add an attachment to a work order?

Attach documents, files, and images to a work order.



Adding an attachment to a work order

1. Open My Dashboard.

2. Use the Applications menu to select Work Orders List.

Work Order List link on the Applications menu


The Work Orders page displays.


3.  Click to select the work order number.

You can also click the Work Order link to view the work order details.

Selecting a work order on the Work Orders page

4. Click Work On It.

The work order form displays.


5. Expand the Attachments section.

Use the More menu to select Attachments or click on the section titled Attachments to expand the section. The More menu will only show the sections that exist on the work order. For example, if the work order does not have any attachments, the option to select Attachments will not be included.


6. Click Add Attachment.

Add Attachment link

7. Enter a Description.

This is the name that will display as the attachment name.

Description field on the Add Attachment form

8. Enter a Path.

Click Choose to browse for the path to the image. If you're using an online attachments interface, Connect will upload the image to the online attachments app and replace the path to the source file with the path to the file stored in the online attachments app.

Path field on the Add Attachment form

To set up an online attachment interface, see the help topic titled How do I set up online attachments?

9. Enter Notes.

This step is optional. Use the Notes field to enter any additional comments that you'd like to save with the attachment.

Notes field on the Add Attachment form

10. Click Save.

The attachment is saved.




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