How do I add/remove widgets?

Change the widgets that display on My Dashboard.

Some Connect Online apps use widgets to make it easy to view information from that app on My Dashboard. Each widget on My Dashboard performs a simple function, such as providing a time log or financial information. You can access the information in a widget by clicking on it. You can also choose which widgets to display and where they display on My Dashboard.


Adding widgets

1. Open My Dashboard.

2. Click Settings .

Settings button

The Settings fly-out menu displays on the screen.

Settings fly-out menu


3. Click to select a widget.

The widget displays on My Dashboard.

4. Click on the widget title and drag the widget to reposition it.

You will know when you can reposition a widget because the mouse changes to .


Repositioning a widget on My Dashboard


The widget is added to My Dashboard.

Updated 28Feb2018


Removing a widget from My Dashboard

1. Find the widget that you want to delete from My Dashboard.

2. Click the X in the upper-right corner of the widget.


Delete button on widget

The widget is removed from My Dashboard.

Updated 28Feb2018



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