How do I approve a leave request? (Managers)

Review and approve leave requests from employees in your department.

When an employee submits a leave request, Connect sends the leave request to the approval process. You'll receive a notification to let you know there's a leave request waiting for approval. Approving or denying the leave request will send a notification to the employee.



What if my organization doesn't use approval processes? If there isn't an approval process for leave requests, the leave request is approved and a leave request approved notification is sent to the employee.


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How do I approve a leave request? (Managers)

Approving a leave request

Approving a leave request

1. Open My Dashboard.

2. Click the approve leave request notification.

The Leave Request Detail page shows the employee's request.


Notifications widget on My Dashboard


You can review the dates and times the employee is requesting and the employee's available leave balance.  


Leave Request Detail page

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