Oh Come All Ye Ornaments

We are decking the halls here at Caselle! But our Christmas tree needs a little help. If you have an ornament from your organization or that represents your area, send it our way and we will hang it in a place of honor.


2017 Commitment to Community Award Winners

Special congratulations to the winners of our Commitment to Community Award who were announced at our Annual Conference on October 25th afternoon.

3rd Place: Cody, WY received $1,000 for their Mentock Park All Inclusive Playground.

This all inclusive playground is more than just ADA compliant. This playground is unique in that It is designed for safety as well as offering physical, sensory and social activities by providing multiple challenge levels for different ages and abilities with pods, rooms and zones to assist children of all ages who have autism, sensory or spatial disabilities. The unitary surfacing makes it easier for those with medical equipment, wheelchairs, walkers or strollers to navigate the play area. The benefits of an all inclusive playground include motor planning, core strengthening, hand-eye coordination and it encourages children to enrich their play with social interaction. This playground, designed with accessibility for children with special needs, promotes the City of Cody’s commitment to a family oriented community. By offering an increased quality of life through all inclusive facilities this playground will not only benefit the needs of local families but it will also increase the community's attractiveness to potential businesses and families looking to relocate. The City of Cody Council allocated $75,000 from its consensus grant funds, the Wyoming Business Council awarded a $150,000 grant from their Community Enhancement Program and $175,000 in donations was raised by the local Rotary Club, Shoshone Recreation District, Park County Parks & Recreation Board and the Cody Recreation Foundation . Additionally, many hours of volunteer labor was provided to help make this amazing facility possible. The City of Cody is very proud to have this facility available to citizens and visitors. 2nd Place: LaSalle, CO received $1,500 for their Veteran’s Memorial.
Memorials set history into stone. Having a Veteran’s Memorial will allow us to honor those have fought for our freedom. We have a lot of local veteran’s in our area and we would like to show our respect to the brave men and woman who sacrifice their lives past and present, selflessly to ensure our great country stands strong. They deserve a place here in town where they can be honored. The picture shows where we envision the memorial being. We are a small town, currently we don’t have any type of memorial and it would be a huge milestone for us to be able to dedicate such an honor to our Veteran’s. Any help would be a tremendous gift for us to be able to give back to our community members who serve. 1st Place: Evantson, WY received $2,500 for their Field House Project.
The Evanston Youth Club is a youth development organization that is diligently working to provide programs to positively impact our at-risk youth population. The organization needs space where youth can meet in a structured environment and learn skills that will support good character, increase academic performance, and help them live healthy lifestyles. Our rural community does not have a lot to offer youth, and sadly, our graduation and teen pregnancy rates are higher than the national average. This will help our community by keeping youth out of trouble and help them become self-sufficient adults that give back to our community. Our community has been hit hard by the downturn in oil and gas. Sadly, most families are struggling to survive and youth are in turn making poor choices. The Evanston Youth Club for Boys & Girls has worked hard to raise the majority of the funds and needs funds to help complete the project. This award would benefit hundreds of youth for years to come.


National Payroll Week

This week, September 4 - 8, 2017 is National Payroll Week! Check out how you and your organization can make the most of it HERE.


2017 Photo Contest Winners

We are very excited to announce the winners of our 2017 photo contest who will be featured in our 2018 Community Calendar! A big thanks to everyone who submitted pictures. We had a huge response of wonderful photos this year, which made it very hard to narrow it down to only 13 winners. Congratulations to: Alpine, UT; Cascade Locks, OR; Cave Creek, AZ; Eagle, ID; Creswell, OR; Garfield County, UT; Haines Borough, AK; Lake Stevens Water, WA; North Pole, AK; Questa, NM; Spanish Fork, UT; Telluride, CO; Villa Rica, GA. We look forward to next years photo contest and hope that everyone will submit your photos!                                                                                   


Software Tip of the Month

When do I select type Attorney Fees Retainer and Attorney Fees Settlement on a 1099 vendor in Accounts Payable?  
  • The Attorney Fee Settlement option is only used if you are court ordered to pay an attorney in case of a settlement.  When using this option, the amount is placed in the Gross Proceeds Paid to an Attorney box on the 1099 Miscellaneous form.
  • The Attorney Fees Retainer is used on regular services.  The amount is placed in the Nonemployee compensation box on the 1099 Miscellaneous form.
  • Below is a link to the Instructions for Form 1099 Miscellaneous.  Click on the link and scroll down to the bottom of page 2.  You will see the Attorney instructions from the IRS:



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