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New Food Bank for Lake Stevens

Lake Stevens Food Bank operates out of the basement of a church in a very small space; barely enough to hold the food we need for distribution days. Any other non-perishable food we receive goes into a storage unit and on distribution days, we fill grocery carts and bring to the church. We are so desperate for bigger space as the needs to feed our community continue to grow at an alarming rate. We are also providing ‘take-home’ bags to our high schoolers for the weekend to allow them something to eat as they are often alone with younger siblings and no food.

We are one of the fastest growing communities in Snohomish County, we serve hundreds of residents, our community supports the food bank through donations so we have plenty to give, but not the means to deliver efficiently. We are opening up a satellite station with a truck on site, just to relieve some of the pressure from our very small primary location, which means everyone stands in line for some time, rain or shine. Our community is very generous, caring and kind and will help the food bank building come to fruition.

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