Software Tip of the Month

Software Tip of the Month: How to Bill Penalty Using Delinquent List/Notices

Many organizations assess a late fee or penalty when an account becomes delinquent.  The Utility Management application allows for penalty type services to be billed at the time a Delinquent List, Delinquent Notice, Shutoff List or Shutoff Notice is generated. This can save you time by creating the transaction when you run the Delinquent List/Notice rather than running Calculate Penalty Billings and creating it later.

  1. 1. Select either Delinquent List/Notices or Shutoff Lists/Notices
  2. 2. Select the Additional Report Options tab.
  3. 3. Check the Create billing transactions option
  4. 4. Click on Select and then select the penalty service that you want to use to bill the penalty/late fee.


These options can be saved but remember that if the Create billing transactions box is checked, the system will bill a penalty to all of the customers that print on the Delinquent List or Notice.