Software Tip of the Month

Software Tip of the Month: NSF Check Automatic Billing Options

Upon notice of an NSF check for a utility payment, you will need to create a payment adjustment to reverse the payment. There is an option in Enter Payment Adjustments to add a manual billing when creating that adjustment. With most NSF checks there is an associated fee incurred. This option will help you automatically add the associated NSF Check fee.

To add this fee when creating the payment adjustment go to Utility Management > Customers > Enter Payment Adjustments. Click on the Options button or press F12 on your keyboard. You will see a popup window where you can choose your default action and Create Billing Options.

Under Enter Payment Adjustment Options, check the box to Create a billing for NSF checks. You will then need to pick a service, enter an amount, and description. You can then check or uncheck the box that says “Use period/cycle date for billing transactions”. Check this box to force the period or cycle end date as the transaction date. If you want the transaction date to be the current date instead, uncheck the box. Unchecking the box will allow the transaction to use the current date which would also appear as a billing for that date in our preferred payment providers online bill viewing options.

Click OK and you will be prompted to save the option settings for the entire organization, or save them for you only.

Once saved, the next time you perform a payment adjustment for an NSF Check action type you will receive a prompt asking if you would like to add that billing to the account automatically.

Click Yes and it will automatically add the set amount to the account for you.

You can go into Inquiry and verify.