Software Tip of the Month

Software Tip of the Month: Void Check Offset Missing in Bank Reconciliation

Example: A check was voided in the same period that it was created, but the void check is not clearing automatically with the check.

Follow these steps:
Journal Inquiry (GL > Journal Inquiry)

  1. Confirm the original check and the void check both show on this screen.
  2. Using Journals > Enter Journal Amounts, change the check number of the original check temporarily (you can add a “1” to the front of the check number).

    Bank Reconciliation (GL > Reconciliation > Reconcile Bank Accounts)

  3. Notice the original check shows up now using the new check number and is cleared. Unclear it and confirm that the void check is also uncleared.
  4. Go back to step two and change the check number back to what it is supposed to be. The void check and original check should now be cleared automatically in the bank reconciliation.