Software Tip of the Month

Software Tip of the Month: Filtering Criteria in Enter Journal Amounts

If you ever try to find a specific entry in a journal and the journal has a lot of entries in it, you may find that it could take some time trying to locate the entry. However, all the columns in the Enter Journal Amounts section have a filter option. This filter is shown when the cursor is on the column header.

For example, if you want to find entries for a specific GL account number go to the “Account Number” column header. Once there you will see a filter icon in the top right section of the box. Click on the icon, then the value tab, and all the GL account numbers used in the journal will be listed. Find the GL account number you are looking for, and click the box to select it. You will now see only the entries for the GL account number you selected. Once you have your information you can click on the filter icon again and either uncheck the GL account number you selected or click on the Clear Filter button.

If you aren’t sure what columns have filters already selected, you can easily check it by looking at the column headers. Any column being filtered will have the filter icon showing.