Software Tip of the Month

Software Tip of the Month: Calculate Metered Amounts/Usages

Do you have a rate change for your customers but have already imported the meter readings for the month? Instead of having to go through the import process again, you can keep the meter readings already in the system and calculate the billing amounts using Calculate Metered Amounts/Usages.

Once the rate changes have been made, select Utility Management > Meters > Calculate Metered Amounts/Usages.  Select the “Calculate amounts” option. Make sure that the “Calculate usages” option is not selected. Verify which metered service(s) you want to recalculate.  Click on the green “GO” button to recalculate the billing amounts. Be aware of the following items:

        • Only current period billings are recalculated.  This process cannot be used to correct billings in a prior period.
        • Unless a particular customer is specified, this will replace ALL current period billings for the service(s) selected if the service has usage.  There is a warning to create a backup before running this process.
        • The billing date should default to your period date but can be changed if needed.