Software Tip of the Month

Software Tip of the Month: Utility Management – Month End Closing

When closing out the month for Utility Management, there are four steps that should never be skipped:

Step 1– Run an Unupdated Payments Report in Cash Receipting to ensure that all payments for the month have been updated to the Utility Management module. In addition, make sure that you do not close the month until all online payments have been imported and updated to the Utility Management module. The payments will not be allowed to be updated once the period is closed.

Step 2- Backup your database if IT does not do this is on a regular basis. Backups are used for restoring data in case of a data breach, as well as, data getting deleted accidentally.

Example: A report definition that is deleted can be exported from a backup and then imported back into the system.

Step 3– After running the Close Period End/Cycle routine, make sure all Utility Management users close out of Caselle completely and log back in. This helps ensure that the users are working in the correct period.

Step 4- When updating the General Ledger, if you see a warning that the beginning and ending  dates do not match the GL Posting Period; verify you have the correct GL Posting Period selected.  If so, then you can click “Yes” to change the dates.