Hardware/OS Requirements

Researching the hardware and system requirements is a smart move that will help you identify any additional hardware or operating system software you may need to upgrade to use Caselle.

Finding out if your existing hardware and operating system is sufficient to run Caselle is an important step in the decision-making process. After you determine which version you will be running, you can click on the version below to view the minimum requirements and the recommended requirements. Using the minimum requirements will ensure Caselle runs on your equipment; however, we prefer the recommended requirements to ensure Caselle is running at optimum capacity.

Being aware of hardware and operating system requirements early can help you make the right choices for your organization, plan for additional expenses (if needed), and have peace of mind.

Most importantly, using the recommended hardware and operating system will help you get the most value from your software investment.

Select the Caselle version to display the hardware and system requirements.
Caselle Clarity 4.x Network
Caselle Clarity 4.x Standalone
Caselle 3.x Network
Caselle 2.x Network
Caselle 2.x Standalone