GL Interest Allocation

Caselle General Ledger Interest Allocation is designed for the larger organization that needs to allocate amounts between multiple funds or departments.

As a powerful addition to Caselle General Ledger, this module allows you to track, allocate, and create interest allocations for selected funds. You can set up one-time allocations or recurring allocations, depending on your organization’s needs. This powerful software option allows you to set up unlimited allocations, giving you the flexibility you need and want. You can also base allocations on fixed percentages, average daily balances, or period balances for selected accounts, eliminating the time-consuming process of manual calculation. Discover the power that comes with being able to streamline and simplify your allocation process.

  • Allocate source of interest to unlimited funds
  • Allows unlimited allocation entries
  • Automatically generates interest entries
  • Manual allocation with account override
  • Flexible and multiple interest allocation methods
  • Convenient one-time setup
  • User-defined fields
  • Save time by eliminating additional journal entries
  • Maintain allocations in one program to eliminate separate spreadsheets
  • Custom reporting
  • Powerful search options
  • Interactive task list
  • Application, task, and field level security
  • Print, save, and export all reports
  • History and management tracking

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