Accounts Payable

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Caselle Accounts Payable lets you issue checks, record invoices and manage vendor information as well as oversee organization payments and purchasing. Simplify your payment processes by paying vendors through ACH transactions.

Features and Benefits


  • Track checks and invoices for each vendor
  • Set budget warnings for invoice entries to indicate when an account’s budget has been exceeded
  • Manage both discounts taken and discounts lost


  • Utilize cash, modified accrual, or full accrual accounting
  • Set multiple, user-defined approval limits for the invoice approval process
  • Create customized check and voucher forms with our built-in forms designer
  • Create user-defined fields


  • Set default descriptions and General Ledger account numbers for each vendor to speed the invoice entry process
  • Enter invoices with costs allocated by percentage or amount to multiple General Ledger accounts
  • Effortlessly generate 1099s


  • Custom reporting
  • Powerful search options
  • Interactive task list
  • Electronic document and image attachments
  • Application, task, and field level security
  • Print, save, and export all reports


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Document Management

General Ledger

Materials Management

Project Accounting

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