Introducing Caselle Clarity Suite. It’s the next generation of financial software for local government and districts. And it’s easier to use than ever before.



More features, more flexibility, more control. From a truly easy-to-use interface to tougher security standards, Caselle Clarity Suite helps you work smarter and faster.

As easy to use as your favorite website. With new intuitive screen design and a simple, task-based menu, the applications you need are always at your fingertips — and multitasking between them is a snap. Plus, with higher screen resolution than ever before, it’s easy to see more information at once.

A fast-track to your critical files. Attach files to any application, and store those attachments virtually any way you like: by customers, employees, banks, investments, and more. With Caselle Clarity Suite, access to the data you need is just a click away.

Data that conforms to the way you work. Now, you can customize the way you organize and display information. From defining which fields on an application you want to use to displaying reports data in a variety of formats, Caselle Clarity Suite gives you more flexibility. And more control.

Tough security for your sensitive data. Be aware of any changes to your data. Know what was changed, who changed it, and when it was changed. And to keep confidential information out of reach, Caselle Clarity Suite now enables you to restrict access at the field level in any application.

Power today, flexibility tomorrow. Caselle Clarity Suite uses the powerful and flexible Microsoft SQL database. So you get the technology advancements you want today — and the scalability you need to support growth tomorrow. It all adds up to stronger financial operations and smoother management.

If you would like to see a product demo, visit this link.