How do I require timesheet totals to match hours?

Set up the default setting to require an employee to match their timesheet totals with the hours they worked during the pay period.

Match means an employee cannot submit a timesheet unless the timesheet total and hours totals display the same number for each day in the pay period. On the other hand, Do Not Match allows an employee to submit a timesheet when the timesheet totals do not match the hours totals in the current pay period. By Department means the same settings for submitting timesheets assigned to the department will be applied to the employees who belong to that department.

Important! If a department is linked to another department and the linked department requires timesheets with matching timesheet totals and hour totals, the linked department must also require matching timesheet totals and hour totals.


Requiring timesheet totals to match hours totals

1. Open Connect Timekeeping > Employees > Modify Existing Employees.

2. Use the Look Up bar to enter an employee number. Press Enter.

3. Click the Positions tab.


Positions tab in Timekeeping


4. Set up the Timesheet Totals and Hours field.


Timesheet Totals and Hours in Timekeeping


What do you want to do?

The timesheet settings are saved.

Updated 2017