How do I approve or decline timesheets?

Review and approve employee timesheets.

When one of your employees submits a timesheet, the Timesheet Status widget on My Dashboard will show you when there's an employee timesheet waiting for you to approve. The Timesheet Status page shows a list of employees in the department and if the employee has or has not submitted their timesheet.

Approving timesheets for employees in my department

1. Open My Dashboard.

2. Click the link titled View Timesheet Status.

View Timesheet Status link on the Timesheet Statuses Widget

To add the Timesheet Statuses widget to My Dashboard, see the help topic titled How do I add the Timesheet Statuses  widget?

The Timesheet Status page displays.

Timesheet Status page


The timesheet status for the employees in the selected departments displays on the screen.

My Timesheet Status page

3. Click to select the employee's name to review the employee's timesheet.

My Timesheet Status page

The employee's timesheet displays.

Timesheet for Employee

4. Review the employee's timesheet.

You can use the Timesheet view to make sure the timesheet totals match the hours totals. The Hours view will show you how the employee allocated the time worked. And the Details view breaks down the employee's time entries by task and activity.

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