Can I view my old timesheets?

Look up your old timesheets.

The date bar displays in widgets that show timesheet information. The default setting will display the date range for the current week. You can use the date bar to view timesheet information for a previous work week. You'll have access to all of the timesheets from all of the pay periods in the Timekeeping application, but you can only make changes to timesheet information that has not been submitted.

Changing the pay period

1. Open My Dashboard.

2. Click the link titled View My Timesheet.

View My Timesheet link on the Time Clock Widget

To add the Time Clock widget to My Dashboard, see the help topic titled How do I add the Time Clock widget?


3.  Find the date bar and then use the < button to review previous timesheets.

The date bar shows the dates in the current week. To view a different week, click the < button. The date bar will shift back one week at a time.

Date bar on My Timesheet

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